A very helpful owner who showed me around a neatly set out shop. General stock but little antiquarian. - Chris Harte 31.12.09.
    Needs more stock! I didn't count them but there's never 3,500 books in here. How anyone can sell enough books to make a living from a stock this small is beyond me. Small readers/collectors stock. - Son of Drif 19.05.10.
    Actually we do make a living perhaps due to our engaging personalities, knowledge and pricing policy. - Evergreen Livres 24.08.10.
    An excellent bookshop; an extremely pleasant lady owner; books sensibly priced. A positively charming experience whilst I was waiting to go to the races. - Ray Quested 22.11.10.
    I was very impressed by the carefully thought out selection, reasonable prices, and charm of the owners. Another 'favourite' to put on my list. - Jane Jones 31.05.11.
    Now have over 7500 books. Great selection, reasonable prices, friendly helpful owners. - Ocker 23.08.11.
    A lovely shop with a wonderful collection of books and charming owners. A good thing there was no armchair to curl up in or I would be there still! A must-visit for all booklovers. - Posy 05.11.11.
    Hi Posy, there are now chairs on both floors for browsers, take as much time as you wish! - Nick and Stella, Evergreen Livres 03.03.12.